BlockChain Events (Updated)

Here is the master bitcoin event list worldwide:

Date Event Location
Jan 17-18 The North American Bitcoin Conference Miami, U.S.
Feb 21-23 d10e Bucharest Bucharest, Romania
Mar 3-5 CoinAgenda Puerto Rico San Juan, Puerto Rico
Mar 6 World Blockchain Forum Dubai, UAE
Jun 5-6 d10e Tel Aviv Tel Aviv, Israel
July 7 CryptoFinancing London, UK
July 16-18 CoinAgenda Barcelona, Spain
July20-21 P2P Financial Systems London, UK
July22-23 State of Digital Money Los Angeles, U.S.
July27 Blockconference Singapore
July28 Blockchain Conference Washington DC, U.S.
July 28-29 TechSauce Global Summit Bangkok, Thailand
July 29 Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies & Token Markets Toronto, Canada
July 30-31 Finwise Global Blockchain Summit Shanghai, China
Aug 1-6 FinTech Week Silicon Valley, U.S.
Aug 7 Real World Blockchain: Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) Los Angeles, U.S.
Aug 10 Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency Mumbai, India
Aug 11-12 d10e San Francisco San Francisco, U.S.
Aug 14 LAToken Blockchain Investors Reception London, UK
Aug 14-15 Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Conference Lagos, Nigeria
Aug 15-16 4th Global Blockchain Summit Shanghai, China
Aug 16-17 ICO Hypethon Saint Petersburg, Russia
Aug 17 LAToken Blockchain Reception Singapore
Aug 21-25 FinTech Week New York City, U.S.
Aug 23 Security series: Security in the boardroom Palo Alto, U.S.
Aug 24-26 The Money Show San Francisco, U.S.
Aug 26 The Blockchain Day Hamburg, Germany
Aug 26 Blockemon17 Belgrade, Serbia
Sept 4-8 Block Party One Melbourne, Australia
Sept 6-7 Crowd Invest Summit Los Angeles, U.S.
Sept 7 Blockchain Conference Kyiv Kyiv, Ukraine
Sept 7 Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Stockholm, Sweden
Sept 8-9 Breaking Bitcoin Paris, France
Sept 9 China Blockchain Development Summit Beijing, China
Sept 10 Blockchain Global Summit Beijing, China
Sept 11-14 Finovate Fall New York City, U.S.
Sept 12-13 Advanced Digital Innovation Summit Vancouver, Canada
Sept 14 CoinAlts Fund Symposium San Francisco, U.S.
Sept 14-16 Blockchain New Economy Shanghai, China
Sept 15 ICO Summit Zurich, Switzerland
Sept 15-16 Blockchain Hotel Essen, Germany
Sept 16-19 d10e Kyiv Kyiv, Ukraine
Sept 17 Token Economy Summit Shanghai, China
Sept 18-20 TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco, U.S.
Sept 20 Blockchain Live London, UK
Sep 21-23 Nexus Earth Aspen, U.S.
Sept 22 Genesis Moscow Moscow, Russia
Sept 22-26 India Blockchain Week Mumbai, India
Sept 25-26 Blockchain Middle East Dubai, UAE
Sept 25-26 World Blockchain Forum London, UK
Sept 28 Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Almaty, Kazahstan
Oct 2-3 The Rise of ICO Linz, Austria
Oct 3-4 Blockchain for Finance Dublin, Ireland
Oct 3-5 Blockchain Solutions Forum Barcelona, Spain
Oct 5 ICO Conference Tokyo, Japan
Oct 5 Blockchain Summit London London, UK
Oct 9-12 Pitchit @ Lendit Europe London, UK
Oct 10-11 d10e in partnership with Wolves Summit CEE Leaders Warsaw, Poland
Oct 10-11 Block Con Santa Monica, U.S.
Oct 11 ICO Event London, UK
Oct 12 Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Kyiv, Ukraine
Oct 16-19 Sibos Toronto, Canada
Oct 17 Blockchain Summit Amsterdam Amsterdam, Netherlands
Oct 17-18 M-0 Zug, Switzerland
Oct 17-18 Launch Scale 2017 San Francisco, U.S.
Oct 18-19 Gibraltar International Fintech Conference Gibraltar
Oct 20-23 Startup Istanbul Istanbul, Turkey
Oct 21-22 Karma International – Maxim Halloween Party Hollywood, U.S.
Oct 22-25 Money 20/20 Las Vegas, U.S.
Oct 23 Just Blockchain Meetup Las Vegas, U.S.
Oct 23-27 Hong Kong Fintech Week Hong Kong
Oct 23-27 The Fast Company Innovation Festival New York City, U.S.
Oct 23-24 IoT Security Summit New York City, U.S.
Oct 23-24 Blockchain 360: IoT Across Industry & Enterprise New York City, U.S.
Oct 24-25 World Blockchain Summit Dubai, UAE
Oct 24-26 CoinAgenda Global Las Vegas, U.S.
Oct 26 Inaugural Global Fintech & Blockchain China Summit Shanghai, China
Oct 27 Ethereal SF San Francisco, U.S.
Oct 27 BlockBali Bali, Indonesia
Oct 28-31 d10e Gibraltar Gibraltar
Oct 31 The Blockchain Summit London, UK
Oct 31 – Nov 1 Blockchain Economic Forum New York City, U.S.
Nov 1 Ethereum Foundation DevCon3 Cancun, Mexico
Nov 2-3 Decentralized 2017 Limassol, Cyprus
Nov 6-9 Web Summit Lisbon, Portugal
Nov 9 Milwaukee Blockchain Conference Milwaukee, U.S.
Nov 9-10 Asia Digital Asset & Blockchain Congress Shenzen, China
Nov 10 The StartEngine ICO 2.0 Summit Santa Monica, U.S.
Nov 11-14 d10e Davos Davos, Switzerland
Nov 14 Blockchain for Wall Street New York City, U.S.
Nov 15-16 Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Moscow, Russia
Nov 17-18 World Funding Summit Los Angeles, U.S.
Nov 21-22 Fintech World Forum London, UK
Nov 22 Blockchain Competition Zug, Switzerland
Nov 28 Blockchain Summit London, UK
Nov 29-30 BlockShow Asia Singapore
Nov 29-30 Blockchain Expo Santa Clara, U.S.
Nov 30 Inside Fintech Conference & Expo Seoul, South Korea
Dec 9-12 d10e Ljubljana Ljubljana, Slovenia
Jan 9-12 CES Las Vegas Las Vegas, U.S.
Jan 15-19 Blockchain Cruise Asia Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand
Jan 17-19 The North American Bitcoin Conference Miami, Florida
Jan 19-21 CoinAgenda Global San Juan, Puerto Rico
Jan 22-23 CryptoEconomy / ICO San Francisco San Francisco, U.S.
Jan 25-26 CryptoEconomy / ICO London London, U.K.
Jan 27-30 d10e Cayman Islands Cayman Islands
Feb 5-8 Satoshi Roundtable Riviera Maya, Mexico
Feb 15-18 d10e Silicon Valley Silicon Valley, U.S.
Mar 13-15 Money 20/20 Asia Singapore
Apr 23-24 CryptoEconomy / ICO Mumbai Mumbai, India
Apr 26-27 CryptoEconomy / ICO Singapore Singapore
Apr 30 – May 1 CryptoEconomy / ICO Sydney Sydney, Australia
May 24-25 World Blockchain & Bitcoin (BCB-2018) Toronto, Canada
Jun 4-6 Money 20/20 Europe Amsterdam, Netherlands
Jul 2-3 CryptoEconomy / ICO Toronto Toronto, Canada
Jul 5-6 CryptoEconomy / ICO London London, UK
Oct 16-18 CryptoEconomy / ICO Barcelona Barcelona, Spain

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