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The government in Spain plans to attract more blockchain companies. For this purpose, laws are to be enacted this year, especially with tax advantages.

The current Forbes report on start-ups in the tech sector shows that blockchain companies are sprouting up everywhere. Accordingly, there is great hope from different states that these companies will boost the economy. Spain wants to take advantage of that now.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and his Partido Popular are currently presenting a bill with tax benefits. The conservative party is also expected to work on specific regulatory plans for blockchain companies seeking to enter the market with ICOs. The party also calls on lawmakers to begin hearings with blockchain experts on the subject. Above all, they want to orient themselves on the Kryptovalley train in Switzerland and thus become an attractive blockchain location in Europe. “We want to set up Europe’s safest framework to invest in ICOs,” they said.

Spain is driving adaptation

The current bill is not Spain’s first step towards opening itself to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. As we reported, Mr. Piso, a real estate company based in Barcelona, ​​recently sold the first property for Bitcoin. The company has hoped to boost the real estate sector. The apartment in the province of Tarragona was sold in southern Patagonia for 40 Bitcoin.

Spain’s push for cryptocurrencies, blockchains and ICOs is an important step in several ways. Not only is Spain setting new impulses and thus boosting its economy. Simply by creating a regulated and attractive environment for blockchain companies, Spain will be an attractive destination in otherwise unregulated Europe. But the actual use of cryptocurrencies as in the real estate market brings Bitcoin & Co. to the front. Because ultimately, the original idea of ​​Bitcoin as an alternative payment system is important to bring this into the consciousness of the people.

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