Sports quiz of the week: Winter Olympics, history, goals and disrespect

Who conceded? Who coached? And who was ‘a bit chubby’?

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Pita Taufatofua is competing in the 15km cross-country event at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. In which event did the Tongan compete at the Rio Olympics in 2016?



Rugby 7s

Shot put

Which football team conceded a goal this week for the first time in 2018?



Bayern Munich


How did British bobsleigh driver Toby Olubi help fund his training for the Winter Olympics?

He sold vacuum cleaners door to door in Camberwell

He played the role of a hyena in a production of The Lion King

He won £12,000 on Deal or No Deal

He made £30m trading Bitcoin

How did Eric Radford make history in Pyeongchang?

He became the first athlete to win two gold medals for different countries

He became the first Monegasque athlete to win an Olympic medal

He became the first openly gay male gold medalist in Winter Olympics history

He became the first ever athlete from the Isle of Man to win a gold medal

How are the Finland team enjoying their down time at the Winter Olympics?

Riding up escalators on their skis

Knitting a blanket for the Finnish president’s newborn son

Holding up “funny” banners at events where Swedish athletes are competing

Dressing up as the Pyeongchang mascots, Soohorang and Bandabi

Which footballer – who was released by Arsenal as an eight-year-old – was the club’s former academy director, Liam Brady, talking about when he said: “He was a bit chubby and he wasn’t very athletic, but we made a mistake”?

Cristiano Ronaldo

Wayne Rooney

Dele Alli

Harry Kane

Who said: “I am fully committed to win the award this season of the best behaved manager on the touchline”?

Eddie Jones

Warren Gatland

José Mourinho

Jürgen Klopp

Who set up Philippe Coutinho to score his first goal for Barcelona?

His brother-in-law

His international captain

His best friend from primary school

The same player who set up his first goal for Liverpool

Where did Wigan Warriors beat Hull FC?





Why did a few Phoenix Suns players call Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr “disrespectful” after their NBA match?

He had fallen asleep during the game

He ate a large bag of popcorn in the fourth quarter

He had let his players coach themselves

He was spotted updating his Fantasy Football team on his phone

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2 and above.


3 and above.


4 and above.

You’ve slipped up there

5 and above.

Halfway there

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7 and above.


8 and above.

Nice work. Enjoy your weekend

9 and above.

Fantastic work. Enjoy your weekend

0 and above.


10 and above.

You are a genius. Don’t ever forget it

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