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MGT Capital Continues to Increase its Bitcoin Mining Capacity

Bitcoin mining operations are always fighting an uphill battle. The combination of a volatile Bitcoin price and high operating costs make most ventures unprofitable. In the case of MGT Capital, things are going a lot better than originally expected. In fact, the company wants to buy around 2,000 additional mining units from Bitmain. This goes […]

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Did Satoshi Revive the Yapese Monetary System, with Bitcoin and Blockchain?

According to the erstwhile American adventurer, William Henry Furness III, people of the Pacific Island of Yap had a highly evolved system of money and banking. Something which put to shame the scholastic theories of economic aficionados – Adam Smith, John Locke, etc. Henry’s travelogue mentions that the Yapese already had a “decentralized peer-to-peer” credit […]

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