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How to do Proper Research into a Cryptocurrency Project – Golem vs SONM vs iExec – The Merkle

With the thousands of coins out there and hundreds more released every day, one can get overwhelmed with the vast amount of options when it comes to investing into one of these projects. This article will go over a foolproof strategy which anybody can use to assess and evaluate any ICO or token and decide based […]

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Sia Devs Won’t Prevent Bitmain’s A3 Devices from Mining – The Merkle

Multiple Sia community members were concerned about Bitmain’s new ASIC miner. The company suddenly announced the A3, which is designed specifically for mining Siacoin. There were some brief discussions about possibly introducing a Sia fork which would disallow the ASIC hardware from impacting the network. It seems those plans have now been dismissed and nothing […]

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