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Bitcoin May End Up Reaching $8,000, Says Goldman Sachs

Wall Street bank Goldman Sachs claims that bitcoin has finished its upward trajectory and that it still has plenty to achieve. In a note sent out to clients, Sheba Jafari, Goldman Sachs technical head, wrote that the digital currency could run to $8,000, reports Business Insider. It exceeded an equality target from the July low at […]

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Bitcoin and Weak Frequency Signals: Bypassing Network Censorship With Radio

Technology This past weekend at the Scaling Bitcoin 2017 conference at Stanford University, two individuals discussed a new method of providing the Bitcoin network with more censorship resistance by utilizing weak signal radio communications. Stanford University’s Elaine Ou, and the computer scientist, Nick Szabo, introduced a project they are testing which secures consensus proofs with […]

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The Petrodollar’s Biggest Challengers | Zero Hedge

Authored by Michael Kern via CryptoInsider, Established in the early 1970s, the petrodollar has secured the United States’ influence over the oil trade for over 40 years, but recently, it is clear that this monopoly is slowly beginning to fall apart – in some part due to the influence of Bitcoin and other emerging cryptocurrencies. […]

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