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Startups Join Forces to Combine Virtual Reality With Blockchain Technology

It appears there is a bright future ahead for virtual reality on the blockchain. More specifically, multiple companies are joining forces to ensure this can happen sooner or later. Edge and Matryx are two of the companies teaming up to make this vision become a reality. It will be interesting to see how this development […]

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“We’ve Built A Thousand-Year Cryptocurrency” – And It Works On Multiple Blockchains

Jeff Garzik’s start-up, Bloq, is launching a new cryptocurrency which can switch between blockchains. As Coindesk reports Long a controversial figure at the center of the debate on how best to scale the public bitcoin blockchain, Garzik’s company is today announcing what it believes will be a solution to the infighting he perceives as keeping […]

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Betrium Launched Presale, Worldwide Bookmaker and Betting Exchange

Betrium launched Pre-ICO today with 20% discount on the first day. Betrium is the Worldwide Bookmaker and Betting Exchange Offering Zero Fees, API for Developers and Event Organizers Platform. The Betrium is going change the wealthy industry of $1 trillion annually. Oct 24, 2017, Amsterdam, Betrium launched pre-ICO with 500% discount and 600% discount on […]

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Should We Fix Malleability in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash? If so, how? And when?

Op-Ed Written by Jonald Fyookball. If you’re a Bitcoiner or crypto-enthusiast, you’ve probably heard this “malleability” issue being discussed and wondered what it’s all about. Maybe you’ve probably heard a bunch of conflicting ideas and opinions about it too. Let’s break it all down. What’s Malleability? There’s different types of malleability, but to make a […]

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Bitcoin Gold Futures Markets Paint an Interesting Future

A lot of readers will be surprised to learn there are actual Bitcoin Gold futures markets. Although this “fork” has been seeing a lot less interest and support compared to Bitcoin Cash or even the future SegWit2x altcoin, there is some enthusiasm associated with the project. It appears there are two futures markets out there right now, neither of which […]

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